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Library Locations

The purpose of this feature is to geographically show the locations of Libraries in the Bassetlaw Area.

Preview of Libraries CSV

1 Misterton Wharf Road Misterton Doncaster DN10 4EE DN10 4EE Bassetlaw 476826.2016 394557.0493
2 Balmoral Princess Anne Road Worksop Nottinghamshire S81 7EF S81 7EF Bassetlaw 458099.2667 380984.06
3 Bircotes 117 Scrooby Road Bircotes Bircotes South Yorkshire DN11 8AD DN11 8AD Bassetlaw 462621.7287 391541.1008
4 Retford 17 Churchgate Retford Notts DN22 6PE DN22 6PE Bassetlaw 470566.3263 381331.8321
5 Langold Doncaster Road Langold Worksop S81 9QL S81 9QL Bassetlaw 458701.7136 387006.9243
6 Tuxford Lincoln Road Tuxford Newark NG22 0HP NG22 0HP Bassetlaw 473713.7252 371029.7761


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Interactive Map

Important Note

This Interactive Map is not part of the Open Government Licence or Ordnance Survey Open Government Licence and cannot be used as such. Any downloading or copying of this data is an infringement of the Ordnance Survey Licence. For more information please see our Licensing page.

Technical Description

The feature contains spatial point data of the geographical locations of Libraries within the District. Address information is included, along with a link to the libraries' website. Developed for the Council's website so that members of the public can find out easily where their local Library is.

Further Information

Date Last Updated: Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Update Frequency: As Needed
Resource Owner: Bassetlaw District Council
Use Constraints: No Conditions Apply
Geographic Extent: Bassetlaw District
Contact: Contact the Bassetlaw Open Data Team
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