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Cemetery - Open Space Study

The dataset was originally created for the Open Space Study. The Open Space, Play Pitch and Built Sports Provision studies have been carried out to ensure that the provision of parks, play areas, built sports facilities, playing fields, allotments, amenity spaces and natural green spaces meet the needs of the local community in terms of their quantity, quality and accessibility. This particular dataset from 2012 is about all land classified as a cemetery within the Bassetlaw District Area.

Preview of OS Cemetery Sites CSV

25 St Giles Church Darlton CH/13/1 240 Tuxford and Trent
26 St Oswalds Church The Green Dunham on Trent CH/14/1 1200 Tuxford and Trent
27 St Peters Church North Green East Drayton CH/15/1 240 Tuxford and Trent
28 All Saints Church Eaton CH/17/1 240 East Markham
29 St John the Baptist Church Street East Markham CH/16/1 1200 East Markham
30 St Giles Church High Street Elkesley CH/18/1 240 Welbeck


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This Interactive Map is not part of the Open Government Licence or Ordnance Survey Open Government Licence and cannot be used as such. Any downloading or copying of this data is an infringement of the Ordnance Survey Licence. For more information please see our Licensing page.

Technical Description

The Cemetery dataset contains information such as locations, settlements, reference numbers, catchment figures and wards for all Cemetery Sites within the Bassetlaw District Area.

Further Information

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