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Website Statistics

Within this dataset are 6 statistics recorded from our website using Google Analytics. These stats are used for improving the website.

In the downloads section, there are 4 different types of CSV files to view. These are broken down into each calendar year and show the statistics recorded for Total Visits Per Day, the Top 20 Most Viewed pages, the Top 20 Geographical Locations people Visit us from, and the Top 20 Mobile Devies used to access our website.

Technical Description

This feature contains statistics from our corporate website, including the number of unique visitors to our website, the number of unique pageviews, the most popular pages, visitors by City and the internet browser and operating system used to access the website.

Please Note: We only started using Google Analytics in December 2008.

Further Information

Date Last Updated: Friday, February 11, 2022
Update Frequency: Every Night
Resource Owner: Bassetlaw District Council
Use Constraints: No Conditions Apply
Geographic Extent: Bassetlaw District
Contact: Contact the Bassetlaw Open Data Team