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Housing Land Monitoring

This data is subject to a periodic review and is a snapshot representation of housing completions and commitments.  For a comprehensive list of these please refer to the Annual Monitoring Report.


Interactive Map

Important Note

This Interactive Map is not part of the Open Government Licence or Ordnance Survey Open Government Licence and cannot be used as such. Any downloading or copying of this data is an infringement of the Ordnance Survey Licence. For more information please see our Licensing page.

Technical Description

The Housing Land Monitoring datasets include information such as Reference numbers, Locations, Planning types and areas.

Further Information

Date Last Updated: Monday, February 24, 2020
Update Frequency: Annually
Resource Owner: Bassetlaw District Council
Use Constraints: No Conditions Apply
Geographic Extent: Bassetlaw District
Contact: Contact the Bassetlaw Open Data Team
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