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Scrutiny Report Library

Once a review has been completed and agreed by Cabinet, Overview and Scrutiny Committee monitor the implementation of the reviews recommendations for an agreed period of time, usually one year.  The following completed reports are from the Work Programme and are currently being monitored by the Committee.

Completed Annual Reports

Please Note: Annual Reports are available from the Policy & Scrutiny Unit. For a copy of a report please contact the Policy and Scrutiny Coordinator on  01909 533189.

Technical Description

All reports are in PDF format.


Further Information



Reviews for 2013/2014

Health and WellbeingReview - PDF
Future of Services at Bassetlaw HospitalReview - PDF
Renal Patient TransportReview - PDF
Non-Emergency Patient TransportReview - PDF
Community Paramedic TrialReview - PDF

Reviews for 2012/2013

Policing in BassetlawReport - PDF
Electoral Engagement within the CommunityReport - PDF
Ambulance Service in BassetlawReport - PDF
Review of EnforcementReport - PDF
Review of Future Sustainable Transport in Bassetlaw

Reviews for 2011/2012

Choice Based LettingsReport - PDFMonitoring Report - PDF
HealthReport - PDFOverview Sheet - PDF
Attracting New Business to Rural AreasOverview Sheet - PDFReport - PDF
Civic Pride in the DistrictReport - PDFOverview Sheet - PDF

Reviews for 2010/2011

Skin CancerReport - PDFOverview Sheet - PDF
Community SafetyOverview Sheet - PDFReport - PDF
Decent HomesOverview Sheet - PDFReport - PDF
Dog WardenReport - PDFOverview Sheet - PDF
Poverty IssuesReport - PDFOverview Sheet - PDF

Reviews for 2009/2010

Recycling (Markets, Performance and Future Plans)Report - PDF
ProcurementReport - PDF
Land and Buildings in Disrepair and Empty HomesOverview Sheet - PDFReport - PDF
Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Services in BassetlawOverview Sheet - PDFReport - PDF

Reviews for 2008/2009

ObesityOverview Sheet - PDFReport - PDF
Council Owned AllotmentsJoint Recommendations - PDFOverview Sheet - PDFReport - PDF
All EnforcementReport - PDF
Town Centre RegenerationReport - PDF
Access and Travel Times to Treatment AppointmentsReport - PDF
Services for Older PeopleReport - PDF


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