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Holbeck & Welbeck Parish Council

Holbeck is a large area, but thinly populated, containing smaller hamlets such as
Woodhouse. Like the other historic settlements within the historic Cuckney Parish, Holbeck is closely linked to Welbeck, having been purchased by the Duke of Portland from Earl Manvers in 1810.

Contact Details

  • Name: Mrs W M Woodcock
  • Address: 8 Caroline Close, Ravenshead, Nottingham, NG15 9FH
  • Telephone: 01623 795815
  • Email: wmw2902@hotmail.com

Technical Description

The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 sets out a new audit framework
for local public authorities which are currently covered by the Audit
Commission regime.
Under the new audit framework smaller authorities, including parish councils,
internal drainage boards, charter trustees and port health authorities,
with an annual turnover not exceeding £25,000 will be exempt from routine external audit.
In place of routine audit, these smaller authorities will be subject to the new transparency requirements laid out in the Transparency Code.

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Council AgendaApril - Public AgendaApril - Annual Parish MeetingMay - AGMJuneAugustSeptemberOctoberJanuaryFebruary PDFMarch
Council MinutesApril (Draft)May - AGMJuneAugustSeptemberNovemberJanuary PDFFebruary PDF
Accounting Statement
Annual Governance Statement
Internal Audit Report
Public Land & Building Assets


Council AgendaAprilMay - Annual Parish MeetingMay AGM - Public AgendaJuneJulySeptemberOctoberDecemberJanuary 2018March
Council MinutesAprilMayMay Annual Parish MeetingJuneJulySeptemberOctoberDecemberJanuaryMarch
Notice of Commencement
Annual Governance StatementPDF
Accounting StatementPDF
Internal Audit ReportPDF
End of Year AccountsXLS
Expenditure Over £100XLS
Public Land & Building AssetsDOC
Certificate of ExemptionPDF
List of CouncillorsDOC
Notice of Public RightsPDF
Summary of Public RightsDOC


Council AgendaMarchFebruaryJanuaryNovember (29th)November (1st)SeptemberAnnualJulyJune
Council MinutesFebruaryJanuaryNovember (29th)November (1st)SeptemberJulyJuneMay - Annual Parish MeetingAnnualMarch
List Of Councillors
Notice of CommencementPDF - 1PDF - 2
Annual Governance StatementPDF
Accounting StatementsPDF
Internal Audit ReportPDF
End of Year AccountsXLS
Expenditure over £100XLS
Public Land & Building AssetsDOC
External Audit ReportPDF
Notice of ConclusionPDF


Council AgendaJuneJulySeptemberOctoberNovemberJanuaryFebruaryMarch
Council MinutesAnnualJuneJulySeptemberOctoberNovemberJanuaryFebruaryMarch
List Of CouncillorsDOC
Governance StatementPDF
Internal Audit ReportPDF
Expenditure Above £100XLS
End Of Year AccountsPDFPDF - Conclusion of Accounts
Public Land & Building AssetsDOC


Governance StatementPDF
Internal Audit ReportPDF
Expenditure Above £100XLS
End Of Year AccountsXLS
Public Land & Building AssetsDOC


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