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Planning Committee

This Committee carries out all regulatory duties relating to the determination of planning applications. It also carries out numerous other duties which are listed in the Council’s Constitution, and can authorise legal proceedings in connection with these matters.

Technical Description

This Committee also advises Cabinet on the proposed implementation of the Development Plans and other planning policies.

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9th January 2019 (Please note that Application No. 18/01297/OUT has been withdrawn and will not be discussed at the meeting)AgendaAttendanceDraft Minutes
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18th July 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
20th June 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
23rd May 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
28th March 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
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6th December 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
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16th August 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
27th July 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
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21st June 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved minutes
24th May 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
26th April 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
29th March 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
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4th January 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
30th November 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
2nd November 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
7th September 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
CANCELLED 3rd August 2016CANCELLED Agenda
6th July 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved minutes
8th June 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
4th May 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
9th March 2016AgendaApproved Minutes
10th February 2016AgendaAttendanceDraft Minutes
13th January 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
16th December 2015AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
18th November 2015AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
23rd September 2015AgendaAttendanceApproved minutes
26th August 2015AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
29th July 2015AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
1st July 2015Attendance E-OrdinaryAttendance - OrdinaryAgenda - ExtraordinaryAgenda - OrdinaryApproved MinutesApproved Mins - E-ordinary
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  • Development Plans
  • Planning Policies
  • Breaches
  • Planning Applications
  • Display Advertisements
  • Listed Building Consent
  • Conservation Area Consent
  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • Section 106 Agreements