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Overview & Scrutiny Committee

This Committee approves, and keeps under review, an annual overview and scrutiny work programme, which includes the work programmes of the Audit and Risk Scrutiny Committee, the Health and Public Services Sub-Committee, and the Standards Sub-Committee.

Technical Description

In general, this Committee reviews and scrutinises the performance of the Council in relation to its policy objectives, performance targets, budgets and partnerships. All the Authority’s Key Decisions are endorsed by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. Any non-key decision which has been called-in by Members is also considered, and the original decision can be supported or referred back with comments and/or recommendations.

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22nd January 2019Agenda
18th December 2018AgendaAttendanceDraft Minutes
30th October 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
18th September 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
24th July 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
19th June 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
8th May 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
27th March 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
22nd February 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
30th January 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
23rd January 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
19th December 2017AgendaApproved Minutes
31st October 2017AgendaApproved MinutesAttendance
19th September 2017AgendaApproved MinutesAttendance
25th July 2017AgendaApproved MinutesAttendance
20th June 2017AgendaApproved MinutesAttendance
28th March 2017AgendaApproved MinutesAttendance
23rd February 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
24th January 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
19th January 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
20th December 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
1st November 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
20th September 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
26th July 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
25th July 2016Extraordinary AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
30th June 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
21st June 2016Unaudited Statement of Accounts 2015/16AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
10th May 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
29th March 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
25th February 2016Approved MinutesAttendance
19th January 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
15th December 2015AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
10th November 2015AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
3rd November 2015AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
22nd September 2015AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
28th July 2015AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
16th June 2015AgendaUnaudited Accounts 14-15AttendanceApproved Minutes
17th March 2015AgendaApproved Minutes
26th February 2015AgendaApproved Minutes
20th January 2015AgendaApproved Minutes
16th December 2014AgendaApproved Minutes
18th November 2014AgendaMinutes
21st October 2014AgendaApproved Minutes
16th September 2014AgendaApproved Minutes
15th July 2014AgendaMinutes
19th June 2014AgendaMinutesUnaudited Accounts
15th April 2014AgendaMinutes
18th March 2014AgendaMinutes
27th February 2014AgendaMinutes
21st January 2014AgendaMinutes
17th December 2013AgendaMinutes
19th November 2013AgendaMinutes
15th October 2013AgendaMinutes
17th September 2013AgendaMinutes
23rd July 2013AgendaMinutes
25th June 2013AgendaMinutes
21st May 2013AgendaMinutes
23rd April 2013AgendaMinutes
19th March 2013AgendaMinutes
28th February 2013AgendaMinutes
22nd January 2013AgendaMinutes
18th December 2012AgendaMinutes
20th November 2012AgendaMinutes
16th October 2012AgendaMinutes
17th September 2012AgendaMinutes
17th July 2012AgendaMinutes
17th April 2012AgendaMinutes
20th March 2012AgendaMinutes
21st February 2012AgendaMinutes
24th January 2012AgendaMinutes
20th December 2011AgendaMinutes
23rd November 2011AgendaMinutes
15th November 2011AgendaMinutes
3rd November 2011AgendaMinutes
18th October 2011AgendaMinutes
13th October 2011AgendaMinutes
27th September 2011AgendaMinutes
19th September 2011AgendaMinutes
19th July 2011AgendaMinutes
21st June 2011AgendaMinutes
19th April 2011AgendaMinutes
22nd March 2011AgendaMinutes
15th March 2011AgendaMinutes
22nd February 2011AgendaMinutes
25th January 2011AgendaMinutes
21st December 2010AgendaMinutes
16th November 2010AgendaMinutes
19th October 2010AgendaMinutes
21st September 2010AgendaMinutes


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