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Joint Employee Council

This Committee provides a regular method of consultation between representatives of the Council and representatives of its employees, with the objective of providing an efficient service to the public and to maintain good relations.

Technical Description

Agendas and Minutes are available to download and are all in PDF format.

Further Information



16th January 2019AgendaAttendanceDraft Minutes
24th October 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
11th July 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
18th April 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
24th January 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
18th October 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
12th July 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
5th April 2017AgendaApproved Minutes
18th January 2017AgendaAttendance
12th October 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
13th July 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
10th March 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
9th December 2015AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
17th September 2015AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
10th June 2015AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
2nd March 2015AgendaApproved Minutes
15th January 2015AgendaApproved Minutes
16th October 2014AgendaApproved Minutes
16th July 2014AgendaApproved Minutes
5th March 2014AgendaMinutes
11th December 2013AgendaMinutes
11th September 2013AgendaMinutes
19th June 2013AgendaMinutes
12th March 2013AgendaMinutes
11th December 2012AgendaMinutes
11th September 2012AgendaMinutes
12th June 2012AgendaMinutes
13th March 2012AgendaMinutes
20th December 2011AgendaMinutes
13th September 2011AgendaMinutes
21st June 2011AgendaMinutes
8th March 2011AgendaMinutes
14th December 2010AgendaMinutes
21st September 2010AgendaMinutes


  • Consultation
  • Employer
  • Council Employees
  • Employee Relations