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Council Agendas & Minutes

Meetings of full Council are held to agree procedural matters which may only be exercised by Council, e.g. to agree the Council’s Constitution or the Corporate Plan. Some items can only be determined by full Council, e.g. the setting of Council Tax levels.

Technical Description

Other matters which have to be determined by full Council include Regulatory items and functions relating to Elections and the Name and Status of the Area. All the main committees report to Council, although these committees do not have to report before they can make decisions.

Further Information



6th December 2018AgendaAttendanceDraft Minutes
27th September 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
2nd August 2018Agenda (1)Agenda (2)Attendance (1)Attendance (2)Approved Minutes (1)Approved Minutes (2)
28th June 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
16th May 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
8th March 2018AttendanceAgendaApproved Minutes
25th January 2018 (Extraordinary)Approved MinutesAgendaAttendance
14th December 2017AgendaApproved MinutesAttendance
28th September 2017AgendaApproved MinutesAttendance
29th June 2017AgendaApproved MinutesAttendance
17th May 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
7th March 2017AgendaBudget Book 2017-18AttendanceApproved Minutes
26th January 2017 (Extraordinary)AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
15th December 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
23rd November 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
29th September 2016AgendaAudited Statement of Accounts 2015-16AttendanceApproved Minutes
8th September 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
30th June 2016Unaudited Statement of Accounts 2015/16AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
18th May 2016AgendaAgenda ExtraordinaryAttendanceAttendance ExtraordinaryApproved AGM MinutesApproved Minutes Extraordinary Meeting
17th March 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
7th March 2016Approved MinutesAgendaAttendanceBudget Book
28th January 2016AgendaC.Tax Reduction Scheme App.A.pdfC.Tax Reduction Scheme App.B.pdfAttendanceApproved Minutes
17th December 2015AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
15th October 2015AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
24th September 2015Appendix to Referral 8(d)Statement of Accounts 2014/15AttendanceAgendaApproved Minutes
25th June 2015Unaudited Accounts 2014-15AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
20th May 2015Agenda - Ordinary MeetingAgenda - Extraordinary MeetingAttendance - Ordinary MeetingApproved Minutes - Ordinary MeetingAttendance - Extraordinary MeetingApproved Minutes - Extraordinary
5th March 2015Agenda - Extraordinary MeetingAgendaBudget BookApproved MinutesApproved Minutes - Extraordinary
17th February 2015AgendaApproved Minutes
29th January 2015AgendaApproved Minutes
18th December 2014AgendaApproved Minutes
27th November 2014AgendaApproved Minutes
25th September 2014AgendaAudited Statement of AccountsApproved Minutes
26th June 2014AgendaMinutes
4th June 2014AgendaMinutes
6th March 2014AgendaMinutesBudget Book 2014/15
4th June 2014 (Extra Ordinary)AgendaMinutes
30th January 2014AgendaMinutes
12th December 2013AgendaMinutes
26th September 2013AgendaMinutesAudited Accounts
27th June 2013AgendaMinutesUnaudited Accounts
15th May 2013AgendaMinutes
4th March 2013AgendaMinutesBudget Book
29th January 2013AgendaCouncil Tax SchemeMinutes
20th December 2012AgendaMinutes
27th September 2012AgendaMinutes
31st July 2012AgendaMinutes
28th June 2012AgendaMinutes
12th June 2012AgendaMinutes
16th May 2012AgendaMinutes
16th May 2012 (AGM)AgendaMinutes
5th March 2012AgendaMinutes
13th February 2012 7:00pmAgendaMinutes
13th February 2012 7:30pmAgendaMinutes
22nd December 2011AgendaMinutes
28th November 2011AgendaMinutes
29th September 2011AgendaMinutes
29th June 2011AgendaMinutes
18th May 2011 (AGM)AgendaMinutes
20th April 2011AgendaMinutes
3rd March 2011AgendaMinutes
20th December 2010AgendaMinutes
25th October 2010AgendaMinutes
28th September 2010AgendaMinutes


  • Constitution
  • Corporate Plan
  • Scheme of Delegation
  • Plans
  • Terms of Reference
  • Strategies
  • Statement of Accounts
  • Setting of Council Tax