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Cabinet Agendas & Minutes

Cabinet recommends certain matters to full Council for approval, e.g. the Council’s objectives and priorities within the Corporate Plan, and the Capital and Revenue expenditure programmes and budgets. Cabinet recommends all statutory and non-statutory strategic policy plans, which cover the whole or a significant part of the Authority’s services, to full Council for approval.

Technical Description

Other matters are dealt with by Cabinet outside the policies and budgets agreed by full Council, and are listed in the Council’s Constitution. All Key Decisions are determined by Cabinet, and the Forward Plan lists current and forthcoming Key Decisions. The seven Cabinet Members each have different portfolio areas which cover the Authority’s services. Some executive decisions can be taken by individual Cabinet Members.

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4th June 2019Forward Plan - 4th June 2019
30th April 2019Agenda
19th March 2019Forward PlanAgendaAttendance
8th January 2019Forward PlanAgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
14th February 2019Forward PlanAgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
18th December 2018AgendaCommittee AttendanceApproved Minutes
4th December 2018Forward PlanAgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
16th October 2018Forward PlanAgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
4th September 2018AgendaForward Plan.pdfAttendanceApproved Minutes
10th July 2018Forward PlanAgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
19th June 2018AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
5th June 2018AgendaForward PlanAttendanceApproved Minutes
24th April 2018Forward Plan.docxAgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
13th March 2018AgendaForward PlanAttendanceApproved Minutes
8th February 2018Forward PlanAgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
9th January 2018AgendaApproved MinutesAttendance
5th December 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved MinutesForward Plan
17th October 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved MinutesForward Plan
28th September 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
5th September 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
11th July 2017AgendaForward PlanAttendanceApproved Minutes
20th June 2017AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
14th March 2017AgendaForward PlanAttendanceApproved Minutes
9th February 2017Draft Budget Book 2017/18AgendaForward PlanAttendanceDraft Minutes
10th January 2017AgendaApproved MinutesAttendance
6th December 2016AgendaFees & Charges Schedule 2017/18Forward PlanAttendanceApproved Minutes
18th October 2016AgendaForward PlanAttendanceApproved Minutes
6th September 2016AgendaWorksop Intervention StrategyRetford Intervention StrategyStatement of Community InvolvementAttendanceForward PlanApproved Minutes
14th July 2016AgendaForward PlanAttendanceApproved Minutes
30th June 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
21st June 2016Unaudited Statement of Accounts 2015/16AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
7th June 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
26th April 2016AgendaForward PlanAttendanceApproved Minutes
15th March 2016AgendaForward PlanAttendanceApproved Minutes
11th February 2016AgendaDraft Budget Book 2016/17Forward PlanAttendanceApproved Minutes
5th January 2016AgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
1st December 2015AgendaForward PlanAttendanceApproved Minutes
20th October 2015Forward PlanAgendaAttendanceApproved Minutes
8th September 2015AgendaForward PlanAttendanceApproved Minutes
14th July 2015AgendaAttendanceForward PlanApproved Minutes
16th June 2015AgendaUnaudited Accounts 2014-15AttendanceApproved Minutes
2nd June 2015AgendaForward PlanAttendanceApproved Minutes
3rd March 2015Forward PlanAgendaApproved Minutes
12th February 2015Draft Budget Book 2015/16Forward PlanAgendaApproved Minutes
6th January 2015AgendaFinal Minutes
2nd December 2014Forward PlanAgendaFinal Minutes
4th November 2014Forward PlanAgendaApproved Minutes
7th October 2014AgendaApproved Minutes
2nd September 2014AgendaMinutes
1st July 2014AgendaMinutes
19th June 2014AgendaMinutesUnaudited Accounts
1st April 2014AgendaMinutes
4th March 2014AgendaMinutes
13th February 2014AgendaMinutesDraft Budget Book
7th January 2014AgendaMinutes
3rd December 2013AgendaMinutes
5th November 2013AgendaMinutes
1st October 2013AgendaMinutes
3rd September 2013AgendaMinutes
9th July 2013AgendaMinutes
20th June 2013AgendaMinutesUnaudited Accounts
11th June 2013AgendaMinutes
9th April 2013AgendaMinutes
5th March 2013AgendaMinutes
14th February 2013AgendaMinutesDraft Budget Book
8th January 2013AgendaMinutes
4th December 2012AgendaMinutes
6th November 2012AgendaMinutes
2nd October 2012AgendaMinutes
4th September 2012AgendaMinutes
3rd July 2012AgendaMinutes
21st June 2012AgendaMinutes
6th June 2012AgendaMinutes
3rd April 2012AgendaMinutes
6th March 2012AgendaMinutes
9th February 2012AgendaMinutes
10th January 2012AgendaMinutes
6th December 2011AgendaMinutes
1st November 2011AgendaMinutes
4th October 2011AgendaMinutes
6th September 2011AgendaMinutes
5th July 2011AgendaMinutes
23rd June 2011AgendaMinutes
7th June 2011AgendaMinutes
5th April 2011AgendaMinutes
1st March 2011AgendaMinutes
10th February 2011AgendaMinutes
11th January 2011AgendaMinutes
8th December 2010AgendaMinutes
2nd November 2010AgendaMinutes
5th October 2010AgendaMinutes
7th September 2010AgendaMinutes


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