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Performance Management

The Council currently monitors performance at both service level and at a higher corporate level.

On a quarterly basis, there is a report analysing progress on the Corporate Plan 2014-17, the current status of the performance indicators linked to the Corporate Plan, and an Exception Report analysing PIs and Actions at Amber and Red.  This report is presented to Cabinet and areas of concern are then referred to Overview & Scrutiny Committee for further investigation.

In addition, each Service Manager receives a service level report incorporating all their PIs and Actions for discussion and action at the relevant Team meeting.

For the year 2014-15, the Council currently monitors 140 performance indicators at a corporate level and a further 44 at service level.

The Council uses the Covalent Performance Management System to manage Performance Indicators, Corporate Plan Actions, Service Actions, Audit Actions and creates dynamic reports for use by Members and Senior Managers.

Our current Performance Management Framework is available via the link opposite.  Links to our recent annual PI outturns are also available opposite.  For further information contact the Policy & Scrutiny Co-ordinator.

Technical Description

At a national level, whilst there is no longer a statutory national indicator set to which the Council must adhere, a smaller number of indicators have been kept by government departments, as a required submission, and these are contained in the Single Data List.

At a district level, Article 6.4 of the Council’s Constitution states that a function of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee is:

..”review and scrutinise the performance of the Council in relation to its policy objectives, performance targets and/or particular service areas including those of partner organisations delivering services on the Council’s behalf;…”

Within the Council’s Constitution, Part 3 Responsibility for Functions – Members, page3.6 (point 16) states that a key function of the Cabinet is:

“To monitor regularly the overall performance of the Council in respect of the Corporate Plan and key corporate performance indicators.”

In addition, page3.14 (point 14) states that a key function of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee is:

“To scrutinise the Council’s progress against the objectives set out in the Council’s Corporate Plan and against key corporate performance indicators and to question members of the Cabinet and/or Committees, Directors and senior officers about their decisions and performance.”

Ensuring compliance with agreed delivery of core aims and benchmarking of performance is considered best practice and aligns with the LGA approach to self-regulation of the sector.

Further Information



Performance Management Framework

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Performance Reports

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