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Delegated Decisions

Delegated Decisions can be made either by the officer who has the appropriate delegated authority, as listed in the Constitution, or by the relevant Cabinet Member, in conjunction with the Leader, where the decision cannot wait for the next Cabinet Meeting.

Technical Description

All documents are in PDF Format.  Please note we only have information on our Open Data website from April 2015. For Delegated Decisions taken before the 1st April 2015, please use our Enquiry Form.

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Note: Items that are not linked are Exempt from Publication under Section 100A(4) of the Local Government Act 1972.


Cabinet Member Decisions

Ref. No. 1
Ref. No. 5
Ref. No. 6

Officer Decisions

Ref. No. 1
Ref. No. 7
Ref. No. 8
Ref. No. 10
Ref. No. 12
Ref. No. 20
Ref. No. 27
Ref. No. 28
Ref. No. 29
Ref. No. 31
Ref. No. 41
Ref. No. 42
Ref. No. 44
Ref. No. 50


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